2018 Church Conference Information

ALL CAPS indicates the host church in a multiple-point charge. All times are local

How to change your CC date: (Pastors only, please)

Switch with one of your colleagues in the general vicinity and notify us in the district office.


List of forms available for Church Conference

Print out  list of forms

Go here to download forms


N.B required forms are highlighted. The others are either instructions (please read these!) or they may not apply to all churches. Complete those if they apply to your church or pastor. All of the forms are fillable online as PDF’s and that’s the method we prefer you use. HOWEVER, you must first download them to your computer, save them, and then open them. Opening them first negates the fillable option.



Clergy Self-Evaluation

Housing Allowance Form

Furnishings Allowance Form

Wespath UMPIP Contribution Election Instructions

Wespath UMPIP Billing Change Form

Business of the Church Conference

Annual Report of Full and Preparatory Members Attending Colleges and Universities 2018-19

Deacon Annual Report 2017-2020

Extension Ministry Annual Report



SPRC-Clergy Evaluation Instructions

SPRC Evaluation of Clergy

SPRC-Clergy Joint Dialogue

2019 Pastoral Compensation Recommendation

2019 Tentative Healthcare Insurance Amount

Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP)

Minimum Salary Amounts for 2019 (Years of service 1-40)


Ad Board/Council

Profile of the Church

Business of the Church Conference

Agenda for Church Conference DO NOT USE! Print out a substitute agenda.



GCFA Fund Balance Report (Annual Audit) (Not due until Feb. 1, 2019. Not necessary to complete until close of 2018)

GCFA Local Church Audit Guide

GCFA Financial & Statistical Forms Library



GCFA Annual Report of the Trustees

GCFA Annual Accessibility Audit Form

GCFA Insurance Worksheet

Parsonage Information Sheet

Parsonage Inspection Form (supplemental)


Membership Secretary

Membership Report (revised 8/30/18)

Recording Secretary Guidelines for Church Conference Minutes


Nominations & Leadership Development

Native American Comprehensive Plan Representative

Church Conference Forms

What to include (& exclude) in the cc packet

2019 District Apportionments

Health Insurance Rates (final)