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Mission of the Year

Each year the Marquette District Board of Missions and Church Extension chooses a Mission of the Year (MOY) at its annual meeting in November. This is a long-standing tradition going back to at least 1969. Over the years a wide variety of organizations have received funds as a Mission of the Year. Many have been churches who used the funds for building maintenance. A few have been other organizations such as prison ministry, campus ministry, and community outreach. Hermansville First UMC was selected as 2017 Mission of the Year.


If your church would like to apply as 2018 Mission of the Year, you must fill out an application. Contact the district office for an application, 906-228-4644, or download one here. Applications are due by September 1 and should be mailed to Jean Getzen, S613 E Ridge Ct., Stephenson, MI  49887-4248.

Hermansville First UMC is Mission of the Year
In the early days of this small logging and lumbering town, established as a community in 1878, there was no “house of the Lord,” at least in terms of an organized church with a church building.
IN 1882 a Sunday school was begun to meet the needs of faith-searching people in the community. In 1887, Rev. MacDonald, a Methodist minister who hailed from Canada, began preaching in the school house.
With a desire in the community for a Protestant church to be built, a lot was acquired on the present location, and in 1898, a church was erected. The Methodist Episcopal Church began serving the local and nearby residents through worship, ministry and mission. On November 9, 1903, a fire caused by a defective chimney flue, ravaged the

Want to apply as Mission of the Year for 2018?

Applications are due September 1.

Download an application.

building. Some windows, doors, and seats were salvaged and used when re-building the new church.

Through the ensuing year, memorials were given and used to purchase the beautiful stained glass windows, as well as the altar furnishings, pews, carpeting, etc.

As I typical of older church buildings, it was not what we came to describe as “handicap accessible.” In 2008, a ramp was constructed to allow persons to enter on the main floor with access to the sanctuary.

Since that time, rain, snow, and ice build-up have taken their toll on the wooden ramp and windows. Damage has occurred to a wall inside the church where water has leaked through a window.

With the monies raise through Mission of the Year we will have a roof erected over the ramp area and replace the gutters along with protective covering to the damaged windows. If there are monies left over, we will repair the damage to the inside wall.

We desire a safe entrance into our “house of the Lord” for persons coming to worship, as well as the myriad of activities that take place in the building. As the only Protestant church in Hermansville, we wish to remain a viable presence in the community.