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Malaria kills a child every 30 seconds in Africa and bed nets are the most cost-effective way to protect children from the mosquitoes who carry this killer disease. The people of The United Methodist Church are a founding partner in the “Nothing But Nets” campaign. Every dollar given to the initiative is used to purchase and distribute bed nets for children in Africa. Each $10 donation will pay

“Nothing But Nets” campaign aimed at reducing malaria deaths of children in Africa

for the purchase and distribution of an insecticide-treated bed net to a family in Africa, as well as education about its use. A challenge grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will match contributions dollar for dollar up to $3 million.


Downloadable resources including suggestions about how churches can get involved, graphics, and worship materials are available at the UM “Nothing But Nets” webpage.


United Methodists have been in mission in Africa for more than 160 years, operating hospitals, clinics, schools and mission centers. Go to the UMC website to learn more.

Mission of the Year

Nothing but Nets

Multiply mission dollars

If you work for a company that matches employee charitable giving, you just might be able to double...triple...or even quadruple your gift to United Methodist mission! Many companies match the gifts of their employees as part of their corporate responsibility and/or community involvement. Each company has their own matching formula and procedures, which they publicize to their employees. Most of these companies will not match the gifts that you give to your local church.


A little known fact is that the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) and two of its units, the Women’s Division and United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), are separately incorporated 5019©(3) non-profit organizations. Most companies require this IRS status for their matching gift programs.


Three easy action steps

  1. You make a contribution to GBGM, Women’s Division, or UMCOR.
  2. You fill out a matching-contribution form at your company’s human resources or community relations office and submit it to the office for matching funds, along with a copy of a canceled check/credit card receipt as proof of your contribution.
  3. Your company disburses matching funds directly to GBGM, Women’s Division, or UMCOR.


We can all help to increase the corporate matching program by urging our families, friends, and local church members to take advantage of the matching program in their places of work. Tune in to your local public television station during pledge drives to find out which companies in your community match individual contributions.


If a company needs proof that GBGM, the Women’s Division, or UMCOR is designated a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, please call 211-870-3637 to get a copy of the IRS determination letter.


Please let the board know when you have submitted a matching gift form to your company so that they can request the GBGM be added to the donor list.

Multiply your mission dollars! Utilize your company’s matching gift program


Go to the UMVIM web page for listings

of potential Volunteer In Mission


Haiti Earthquake